What to sell online with the top 5 popular products online

What to sell online The most popular question of those who want to sell online today, we have the top 5 popular products to leave each other. From the survey results of internet users in Thailand in 2017 by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) found that Thai people prefer to shop online. and use more online

services Compared to the statistics of 2016, the top 5 most popular products and services are:

1. Fashion clothing / apparel

with trends that change all the time whether it is influenced by popular series or according to popular trends Therefore, this type of product has always had a high trading rate.

2. Health and beauty.

with the slogan that Absolutely beautiful woman Be careful, men are prettier. This makes products related to health and beauty undoubtedly ranked number two. whether a dietary supplement fitness equipment that are being sold online more because in the

online world Able to describe features and details Of the product is more than ever enough.

3. IT equipment

Product type IT equipment. It has become an important tool for living in this era. Called as the fifth factor of life, it would not be wrong, such as using the phone to communicate. use a computer to work or for entertainment, etc. However, IT

equipment is likely to be highly competitive. causing each manufacturer to produce new products come out all the time To appease consumer groups.

4. Home appliances.

The reason that there is a home delivery service or called delivery makes home appliances. It has become another type of product that is more popular to buy online. because it can answer the question for people who are not comfortable going out to buy Or have restrictions on moving.

5. Order food online.

I read it wrong. Order food online to eat. Ordering food is one of the hottest services this year because of the big city life. what’s the rush and have to compete with time This makes online food ordering more popular. because of convenience, speed and

ready to eat immediately Thus causing the service to order food through online. popped up in abundance

In addition to the top 5 that we have to offer, there are also products. and other services that are also popular in online shopping, such as downloadable products. Travel/Tourism entertainment products consumer goods If so, today’s products Or almost any type of service can be sold online. And it is likely that these products will

continue to be popular. That is why businesses Turned to pay more attention to online sales. For those who are interested in doing business online. Or build a brand on the online world to be successful.